The Story

Nicola Lawrence is a passionate jewellery creative whose ethos and values focus heavily on environmentally conscious practice. Working with recycled precious metals, ethically sourced diamonds and hand picked pearls. But it's more than that, the core founding values are simply to care - for the planet, the mind, the soul and all our human vulnerabilities.

Jewellery to elevate the soul

Specialising in the ancient technique of granulation, each and every piece is designed, formed and lovingly handmade by her in the North West of England.


I'm Nicola, a jewellery obsessed Mum of 3, who loves designing, making and wearing beautiful slow fashion pieces, with a twist of something extra.

The 'extra' is always inspired by light. Somehow, in some way, it always comes back to light. Why? Because the undeniable beauty of that golden touch resonates with me, it connects and elevates my mind. It transfers into a physical feeling, moves the emotions and has the power to bind people, freeze time and capture the heart. That is a powerful force!

If like me, you love handmade, unique jewellery that you will never find on the high street then you are in the right place. Whilst there are many designs on the website, I am also happy to adapt my aesthetic by commission, to incorporate your ideas and your story. That way you will own a piece of jewellery that no one else will ever have, which I find so exciting!

Head to the shop to find and fall in love with your perfect piece, or feel free to drop me an email if you would like to discuss a commission. I would love to hear from you!

Love Nicola X